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Zdf İnfo Live

ZDF Info Livestream

ZDFinfo is the information channel of ZDF, which broadcasts via satellite, cable TV and online streaming. The focus of the programm is mainly on documentaries and reports that usually are produced by ZDF, including popular series 37° , consumer advice show WISO and historical documentary series History.

When viewing content from the German public broadcaster ZDF, both online and via traditional television, the program can be also accessed through ZDFinfo. Primarily known for their live coverage of major events such as elections, sports games or rebellions in foreign countries, another function of ZDFinfo is to make available material aired on other channels if it coincides..

During high-profile events such as the Olympics and World Cup, ZDF uses its secondary channel ZDFinfo to broadcast extensive supplemental coverage of the seemingly less important events shown initially on main programming. This is beneficial for all sports fans who don’t wish to commit themselves to a time slot: they can watch live sports in front of their TV. Enjoy National TV Live With This Station. "Watching television with a purpose" - enjoyable programs of politics, science, history and general service. If you use our service while abroad, worldwide live broadcasts will appear in the live list below: Stress Factor School, My Info and Gods' Machines. Link to original article here . Program: Operation Eagle Claw: The Power of Weather, Battle for Singapore: Japan vs. Great Britain, Prähistorische Jäger: Das Killerschwein, Die Briten: A Colonial Power History, Erfindungen der Bibel (Inventions in the Bible), Mysterien der Menscheit (Mysteries of Mankind), Der Kreml und Deutschland (The Kremlin and Germany): 100 Years of Extremes, Geheimnisse der Geschichte (Secrets of History): The Other Abraham Lincoln , Elektrischer Reporter - mehr los mit SEO, Europa PolitiX : Unglück vor Lampedusa Echt oder n? Mythos Schön